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I’m Gloria Chimezie, founder of Writealive blog. I’m also a writer and blog enthusiast like you who has had her own fair share of trials in her blogging journey.

I started Writealive to share what my failures over the years has taught me so you don’t ever have to make the same mistake. In fact, I’m on a mission to make sure you succeed as a writer and blogger.

With my over 10 years of knowledge in this field, I will be sharing here tips and ideas that will elevate you from an amateur to a seasoned writer.

To help you become an authority in your field and write with confidence is my goal.

I want to see YOU excel at writing and blogging.

In this blog, I’ll be covering rich topics that will enhance your writing skills and make you write with confidence.

What more!

I’ll teach you how to profit from your writing skills. What can be better than making money from what you love doing?

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