10 Fatal Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Do you wonder why your blog isn’t just getting you the desired traffic or making you money?

See if you are making any of these 10 blogging mistakes.

Mistake #1 – No Set Goal

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes among newbie bloggers. Many of them just set out and start blogging without a definite goal. 

If your plan  is just to write articles, share on social media and wait for traffic to start pouring in, you need to check again. 

You must set a business goal for your blog –  focus on the value you want to offer and make sure any article you write is geared towards achieving that goal.

Mistake #2 – No target audience

Do you really know your target audience? Do you know what they are interested in? Can you speak their language? Do you know their problems? 

It’s not enough to know their physical qualities like Sex or age or physical conditions such as “Pregnant women” for someone who is running a mom blog. You need to also get to know their emotional, social, intellectual qualities.

The more narrow your target audience is, the more targeted it will be. However, don’t let your target audience be too narrow so that you can be able to cover a wider audience and therefore have more traffic.

Mistake #3 – Jack of all topics

One of the common blogging mistakes that is a killer.

A lot of people try to write different topics on different subjects at the same time. This practice makes you look like you lack direction. Even worse, you will not be able to cover most of those topics  in depth. 

So I suggest that you try and cover a subject at a time instead of writing random posts on any topic you find interesting. 

Mistake #4 – No Good Strategy

If you ask me, this is the root cause of most blogs failing. 

Having a good strategy is probably the most important part of the blogging process. Without a good blogging strategy, you are already bound to fail no matter how attractive your blog looks.

So ask yourself, “Do I really have a strategy or am I just following my idea without a good laid down strategy? And if your answer to this question is yes? Then you are probably one of the few people who take their time to take strategic steps to success. It means you really want to succeed and are putting in the much needed effort. However, how good is your plan? If your plan is not getting you your desired results then you may need to restrategize.

I your answer is no, needless to say, you need a good strategy.

Mistake #5 – No email leads

Is there a plan to collect email leads from your blog? Or are you still waiting to have more traffic before you start?

The proper time to start collecting email leads is soon as you publish even one article in your blog. You need to put email forms in place to start building your own list of subsciribers. A set of people who are interested enough in your blog that they give you their emails. Sure you can bribe them with a valuable ebook or course or something sweet in return for their email.

Having an email list is essential for your blog success. Visitors come and may never come back. The only way to make sure you can ever talk to them again is by getting the email. This willl help you send them any new blog post or even promote your new book or course with them. 

Mistake #6 – No active social media presence

Before you launch your blog make sure you have an active social media profile in at least one social media channel. 

Your profile should be properly set up as some very curious fellas may want to check you out on social media and it will be disappointing if your profile says one thing and your blog another.

Aside from your social profile, make sure you have published posts that are also related to what your blog is about. That way you will be perceived as a professional in your niche.

Mistake #7 – No monetisation plan

Many new bloggers have been led to think that this is the last thing that they should do with their blog – the last in their blogging agenda. 

But that should not be the case. In fact you should decide on your monetisation plan from the start. 

And where there are some monetisation plans that may take time before you can use them such as Google Adsense, there are some that you have absolute control of and can start with even if you are  a new blogger e.g. sale of ebooks or any other downloadable. 

Mistake #8 – No valuable content

Here is another big deal – If your content is not valuable to your target audience, your blog will fail no matter your strategy. 

You must take out the time and energy to create valuable content for your audience. That is the only way you can earn their respect and retain their attention. See our guide on how to write irresistible blog posts here.

Mistake #9 – Misleading headlines

Some bloggers in a bid to get attention use misleading headlines or what is known as “clickbait” headlines. These kinds of headlines look interesting and promising and it would have been okay if their content justifies it. But it doesn’t and that’s too bad. 

If you are doing that, STOP. 

Mistake #10 – Blog speed

No matter how good your blogging strategy and how valuable your content is, if your blog takes forever to load, it’s all effort gone bad. 

Try enhancing your blog speed by choosing themes and plugins that don’t lag your site. 

You can also use the following plugins to enhance the speed of your site:

Caching plugins

Each time a user visits a page, WordPress fetches information from the database and then runs several other steps before the web page is sent to the user’s browser. 

This makes your website load slower when a lot of users are visiting it at the same time.

Caching allows your WordPress site to skip a lot of steps. Instead of going through the whole page generation process every time, your caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load, and then serves that cached version to every subsequent user.

 Caching plugins you can use are – WP Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket and a lot more out there. I personally use WP Total cache and it has been serving me well.

Image Optimasation Plugins

Images slow down your site. But they are still very necessary for you blog. No one will ignore using images on their blog because it slows down their site.

That is where image optimization plugins come in. These plugins help to optimize images so they take up way less space. You still get to use images for your readers and your site.

Examples of image optimization plugins are WPSmush – a plugin that compresses the size of the images on your blog so that it loads faster

Lazyload – This is another kind of image optimization plugin that loads the images only as the user scrolls down instead of loading all images at once. This comes in handy if you have a lot of images on your blog post. Rather than loading them all at once, Lazyload only loads the ones visible to the user as he scrolls down.


What other mistakes have you made that led to your blog failing at some point? Share with us in the comment section and I might be adding it to the already noted mistakes.


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