Online Marketing 101: The Best Way to Sell Online

Online marketing has transformed over the years and what worked ten years ago does not work so well now. 

About ten years ago, marketers still practiced “hard selling” and it worked for them.

hard selling approach in online marketing

Today, if you try the hard selling approach, you’ll not only fail to sell but you’ll end up repulsing your prospects.

You see, customers today are wiser and spoilt. Thanks to social media and growing technologies. People can now easily access information on products they want to buy and even the manufacturing company before even making a buying decision. 

Many online marketers can tell you it’s easier to market products that gives them exclusive knowledge on the product. That way, it’s whatever they tell the buyer that he believes. It gives them leverage on the prospect. 

Today, people prefer to buy branded products with lots of information available to them including testimonials of those who have used it. 

With all these changes and rising competition, what then is the best way to sell a product online? 

Online marketing is nothing new. However, the approach has changed. 

About fifteen years ago, you saw a lot of online marketers create one page websites that had information about the product and a strong call to buy. They put in all their efforts to sell on just one page. The information you need about that product can only be gotten from that one page website. Today, the game has changed.


Because in today’s online marketing, you need to build rapport with your prospect. Your prospects need to know that you care for them not just for their money and you need more than a one-page website to do that. You need a blog.

A blog helps you to establish rapport as it creates a platform where you can write very informative and helpful articles for your target audience, using the medium to provide them valuable solutions to their problems.

This way, you gain their attention and respect. 

Alongside your articles, you collect their email addresses and send them messages that will interest them from time to time. 

When they see your input to solve their problems, they will be more inclined to buy from you any product you recommend to them.

That’s called “soft sell”. 

It is around this ideology that content marketing is built. Content marketing is the process of marketing a product by continually sharing valuable content related to the problem a product you are selling solves.

Is there still need for sales letters then?

By all means YES!

 Sales letters are still very much effective today. However, they are not the ideal place to send a visitor on his first visit. See the essential components of a sales letter.

That’s where strategy comes in.

Like every other business venture, you need a strategy to sell on your blog. A good strategy that works today and is guaranteed to bring in sales. 

Take the following 9 step online marketing strategy

Step #1 – Create a quality product

Make sure your product is of good quality. 

A poor product will destroy your company’s image and leave you with many bad reviews as well as customers asking for their refunds. 

You don’t want that. So make sure your product is of great quality.

Step #2 – A good quality cover

Create a high resolution and quality cover image. 

Prospects will judge the quality of your product by it’s cover image. So you don’t want to take this step lightly.

If it’s a physical product, take a good shot in adequate lighting with a high quality camera and get photo editors to work further on it to give you a highly desirable image. If it’s a downloadable like – eBooks, software or video/audio, get a good graphic designer to design a high quality cover. 

Remember, a poor quality cover image will make prospects perceive your product as of poor quality even if it’s not.

Step #3 – Get a blog

One page static sites are now obsolete. So, get a blog if you don’t already have one. It shows you off as professional and is a good platform to build rapport with your prospects.

Choose a good theme and make sure that it is optimized for speed. You can learn more about opening a blog from Neil Patel.

Step #4 – Have a goal 

Have a business goal and write down your blogs value proposition – i.e the value your blog intends to share with its target audience.

If you fail to have a specific goal for your business blog, it will reflect that and visitors will perceive that your blog lacks focus.

Step #5 – Plan your content

Research and plan your content. 

Have a content calendar. How often do you want to post content on your blog? The more the better. 

However make sure your content is well written and valuable. See more on how to write irresistible content for your blog

Step #6 – Create a secondary resource 

A secondary resource is a free giveaway that you will use as incentive to collect visitors emails. 

You need to have an email list of people who are interested in your blog. To get them to give you their email address, you may need to “bribe” them by giving away something valuable for free.

Step #7 – Subscribe to an email marketing software

In online marketing, having an email list is paramount. Subscribe to an email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Getresponse, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign etc. 

Create your forms and embed them within you blog posts, as a side widget and as pop-up. Collect and send messages to your list. 

Having an email list gives you the opportunity to send messages to your list. That is a good opportunity to also sell them on whatever product you have that might be of interest to the people on your list. Researches have shown that 96% of people who visit your website for the first time will not buy at first. Having an email list give you the opportunity to reach out to them again and again.

Step #8 – Promote your blog posts on social media

Writing great content is one thing, letting the world to know such rich content is out is another thing altogether.

Start with one or two social media platforms and share your posts there.

Step #9 – Guest Post and Network

Interact with businesses related to your industry and try to share ideas.

Take advantage of guest posting to build quality links back to your website. This is very essential in gaining organic traffic from search engines.


Now you have it. The best way to sell online is by using the soft-sell approach on your prospects through building relationships.

Also, plan ahead and offer real value.

If you follow the steps given in this post, you will achieve great success in selling your product in today’s online marketing world. 

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