How to create a winner strategy for business blogs [With Free Blog Planner]

A business plan doubles your chances for success

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For any serious business venture, you need a good strategy to succeed in it. 

One of the best strategy for business today is to own a blog. Any business without a blog today is missing out big time on opportunities to expand it’s reach and consequently growth.

Starting a business blog is easy but growing it successfully is hard. That is why you need a good strategy for your business blog.

Running a successful business blog is time consuming and can eat into your pocket. But even with all the time and money put into it, without a good strategy to help you achieve your blogging goal, your blog will fail.

Time+Money-Strategy = Failure

Strategy is the most important factor in running a successful business blog and yet the most overlooked. Some who have it, have a weak one. This probably accounts for the numerous unsuccessful business blogs today.

If I’m asked to choose between writing good content and having a good strategy for my business blog, I’d choose strategy. Content, no matter how good, will get you nowhere if you have no good strategy on how to channel it to gain maximum benefits.

Having a strategy for business blogs may not be easy for new bloggers or bloggers with less than a year experience. That is why I have designed a Free Blog Strategy Plan Template that you can adopt for your business blog to help you start profiting from your business blog in no time.

Follow the steps below to create a good strategy for business blog.

Tip #1: Have a blog goal for your business

In creating a strategy for business, you need to clearly outline your blog goal(s).

Ask yourself questions like – What do you I want to achieve with my business blog? Think deeply about it as it will guide your future plans. 

This goal should be what your blog will set out to achieve and upon which by achieving it, you can confidently say to yourself, “I run a successful business blog”.

It does not necessarily mean monetary goals like – “I want to make $1000 every day”. No. Rather it could be a value goal. What value do you intend to give to your target prospects? What problems do you intend to solve? 

Tip #2: Determine your business blog target audience

You must identify who your target audience is in order to run a successful blog. Every further plan depends on how well you execute this step. 

You need to be certain on who your target audience is. Things you need to know about your blog target audience are:

  • Physical qualities: Age, Sex etc.
  • Geographical qualities: Location, climate etc.
  • Emotional qualities: Interests, know their problems, what they like etc.
  • Language: Every niche has its own language. You need to understand their language and speak it. Is it formal, informal or ghetto? What are the certain words they speak that will make them feel like you are part of them and that they belong to your blog?

Most times when we tell bloggers to know their audience, they assume that knowing only their physical qualities is already enough. 

But to be a successful blogger, you need to know more than just physical qualities. Knowing other qualities like language and emotions will help you create blog content that your audience can relate to and engage in.

Tip #3: Choose your primary monetisation method

Anyone still reading this post is someone who is interested in making his blog succeed. 

One of the ways to know a successful business blog is by how profitable it is. 

Running a good blog costs money so your blog should at least make enough money to cover the overhead costs. And more preferably, make enough money for you to live a comfortable and independent life.

For this reason, you must choose beforehand, your primary method of monetising your blog.

Here are various ways to monetize your blog:

  • Sell an ebook
  • Sell a course
  • Sell a physical product
  • Be an affiliate marketer etc.

There are various other ways to monetise a blog but some of them might not favour new blogs with little traffic  – such as selling a space on your blog, google adsense etc. 

Even a new business blog can earn with the 4 monetisation methods mentioned above. 

Out of the 4 aforementioned monetisation methods, the easiest to do is to create an ebook. 

You can write it yourself or get the help of a freelance writer. 

So for the purpose of this blog post, I will be assuming that your primary medium of monetization is ‘selling an eBook.’

Tip #4: Write helpful blog posts around your ebook.  

You can call it promotional blog posts but they have to offer value otherwise, it becomes a sales letter.

The idea is to write helpful blog posts around the subject of your ebook tackling different problems addressed in your ebook.

Don’t be afraid of offering value even if you feel it is already contained in the ebook. 

The reason for this is that, your buyers will begin to see you as an authority in your niche and since they can relate to the helpful blog posts you share with them on that topic, they will be more inclined to buy from you an ebook on the same subject.

Learn how to create irresistible blog posts for your business blog.

Tip #5: Subscribe to an email marketing software

Having an email list of people who are interested in your business is a MUST for any serious minded blogger. Businesses with email lists have been proven to experience high conversion rates.

WPBeginner in sharing their experience with email lists says, “ In our business, email list gets 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.”

Here are some of the reasons why you need a mailing list.

  • Anyone who subscribes is already interested in your business.
  • You have a chance of reaching out to them with new interesting offers and info.
  • You have a chance of selling to them again even if they didn’t buy at first. Meanwhile, Neil Patel has this to say about conversions –  96% of your visitors will not buy the first time they visit your blog.
  • Those on your mailing list are more inclined to buy from you since they are already familiar with you.

By subscribing to an email marketing software you will be able collect emails by embedding forms within your blog posts, adding a form as a side widget and/or having pop-up forms on your site.

For starters, you can use Mailchimp, GetResponse or ConvertKit.

Tip #6: Create a Secondary Resource

Your visitors are inclined to subscribe to your email list when you offer something valuable in exchange for free. Something they can get immediate gratification from. In other words, something that will help them solve a specific problem immediately.

This method has proven to increase conversions at unimaginable rates. Navid Moazzez shares how he increased his email list by over 26,000 subscribers in 30 days using this method.

So create a secondary resource that visitors will value enough to attract them to give you their email addresses.

Tip #7: Promote/Launch your blog on social media

Get the word out. 

After you have developed your primary and secondary resource and have your forms in place with your quality articles, it is now time to launch and get the word out.

Start with one or two social media channels. I started with only LinedIn and Facebook. Later I added Pinterest.

Also, start to write guest posts or reach out to related businesses in your industry to link to your business blog. The higher the DA of the sites that link to your blog, the better. You need strong backlinks for your blog to rank for organic traffic. 

Getting backlinks from reputable sites in your industry is a great way to get your site rank higher in search engines.


Hopefully, this blog post has given you insight on how to create good strategy for your business blog. 

As promised, here is your free blog planner already designed to help you succeed with your blog. 

You can easily adopt it to your blog. 



2 thoughts on “How to create a winner strategy for business blogs [With Free Blog Planner]

  1. You are right. A lot of blogs fold up before reaching their prime because the owners had no plan for the blog.

    A blog plan/strategy also gives you an idea of the kind of contents you should write.

    I think the easiest way to earn with a new blog is through affiliate marketing.

    With affiliate marketing, all you need to do is to recommend products that your audience needs.

    I think you have to prove to your audience that you are an expert before they can buy an ebook that you’ve written.

    Nice article here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are right Chris. The easiest is promoting other peoples product. The same strategy works in affiliate marketing too when you create helpful content around your affiliate product.

      As for leaving product creation for only experts, I’d say no one was born an expert. And if anyone can buy a product you recommend to them (affiliate marketing), then you must have demonstrated a level of expertise for them to trust your recommendation.

      For me, if there’s something you’re really good at, don’t hesitate to turn it into a product.

      Thanks for the insight!

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