What Successful Bloggers Hope You Won’t Discover

Discover why you have been struggling and the missing ingredient you need to become one of the successful bloggers.

What can be more frustrating than posting articles that don’t keep the reader interested for long? 

It’s tiring. To do all that research, turn out an article you feel is great but your readers don’t share the same great feelings. 

You know this because you see the high bounce rates and you are wondering what is wrong – Is it the site design or the SEO? What could possibly be wrong?

I’ll tell you.

You’ve not learnt the art of capturing and retaining your readers attention.

[bctt tweet=”No one was born a great writer. Most great writers learnt the art.”]

So how do you learn how to capture and retain a reader’s attention?


Study copywriting.

That’s right! Study copywriting.

Why do I think this is important? I’ll tell you. But first, for some of you wondering what the heck is copywriting, It’s simply writing with the purpose to sell. 

I get it. 

Some of you might be saying now – But I’m not a marketer and I hate selling. I’m just interested in writing or blogging about what I like.

But think about it.

Think about what a copywriter goes through to make sure his words attract his readers and move then to buy. Think about what it takes him to get a prospect interested enough in what he is selling. Enough to spend part of his hard earned money.  

That means he must first have the readers interest, be able to sustain it and build on it to the point that the reader is moved to take action.

The Catch!

As a blogger, learning the same skill will help you to get visitors interested in your blog, sustain their interest, and even build on it to the point that your readers do what you want them to do. Most of the successful bloggers I know are aware of this skill.

For some bloggers, getting their visitors to read their blog post is their only goal. But for many, getting visitors not just to read but  to take action by signing up to their email list, clicking on a link is their own goal, or even buying a product on their blog is their goal.

Learning copywriting and applying it to what you write about will bring the desired benefits. If you don’t learn and apply it, you will end up making the same mistakes. Mistakes that caused your blog to have low readership. 

I know firsthand because I was once like that. 

My Story before I learnt copywriting…

My first blog failed even though I spent so much money and time on the designs and articles. At that time, I didn’t understand why but I eventually gave up on the blog after 2years of high bounce rates. 

Later I got a  second blog which also flopped even though I tried to do things better than I did the first time.

At that point, I began to think that maybe blogging wasn’t for me. Not until I came across Dan Lok’s video where he mentioned copywriting as skill for high-ticket selling. 

I picked interest. Searched around the web and saw some recommended books on copywriting. That was how I started my journey into a life changing career. The things I learnt about copywriting made me understand that I could get better engagement if I followed the laid-down principles. 

The joy and value I have acquired so far in learning copywriting is what gave birth to this blog. I can assure you, my blog is a success. The fact that you read my message to this point proves it.

Here are some benefits of copywriting to the blogger:


 I can tell a blog post that will perform well from the one that won’t by just looking at it. I use my knowledge of copywriting and analyze if it has the necessary ingredients that has been proven to increase reader engagement. It makes me more confident because I already know what works and what doesn’t. This level of confidence comes with the knowledge of copywriting.

Increased Readership

By learning and applying the principles of copywriting, you will experience increased readership. Not only will you get your reader’s attention, you will also be able to keep it.

Low Bounce Rate

 Of course, this is the direct result of having better readership. Your website will record low bounce rates which signals to Google that your have good content that people love.  This will push up your ranking and even higher domain authority. 


Whatever goal you set for your blog – more email subscribers, more reader engagement or more sales, copywriting will help you achieve it.


How to become a copywriter

Becoming a copywriter needs no special qualification. 

For starters, read 

With these two, you will become aware of a new kind of writing. You will no longer write articles that no one will be interested in.

In conclusion.

Copywriting is a must for every blogger with the intent to succeed. 

So develop your copywriting skills and you’ll become a better blogger.


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