90+ Resourceful Tools for Writers and Bloggers

The aim of this page is to bring you one of the most comprehensive and relevant post on tools for writers you will ever need.

I want writers of all kinds – bloggers, creative writers, freelance writers, business writers, writers working for a company etc., to have this page as their go to resource page. 

I will keep updating this post so feel free to bookmark or link to this page so you can easily check on it from time to time.

PS: This content might have some affiliate links which means I can gain from some of the paid tools at no additional cost to you. So it’s really nothing to worry about.



Every writer knows the importance of headlines in his/her work. 

Headline Analyser

While you can be creative about it, it won’t hurt to test your headlines to see how good they are with these tools.

Sharethrough Headline Analyser – Free

A simple tool to analyse the quality of your headline and give you the impression and engagement score. Score ranges from 0 – 100%

AMI Institute – Free

A simple tool to analyse  the emotional quality of your headline. 

Capitalize My Title – Free

A simple tool that helps you analyse your website for readability, SEO and sentiment.

Isitwp – Free

A headline analyzer that checks your headlines word count, word balance, power words, emotional words, sentiment, headline length and many other factors and then gives you an overall score.

Coshedule – Fremium

Primarily a social media marketing tool but they also have a headline analyzer built in.

Headline Generators

 For writers that want inspiration from already-made headlines

The Hoth – Free

This tools helps you generate tons of headline ideas just by entering a few parameters.

Title Generator – Free

This tool generates 700 headlines for you just by entering your keyword.

SEOPressor – Free

This tool generates 1000+ headline ideas for you just by entering a single keyword.

Tweak Your Biz – Free

Generate hundreds of headlines just by keying in your keyword.

Portent – Free

This is another free tool to generate headline ideas.

Sumo’s Headline Generator – Free

A headline tools that generates headlines for you when you key in different parameters.

SEMRush Title Generator – Free

SEMRush is primarily known as digital marketing tool but they also have headline generator tool incorporated in their services.

Keyword Research

Many writers are getting smarter these days, they want to write on a topic that they can see people are interested in and to an audience that actually exists and one of such ways is through Keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner – Free

A simple keyword research tool to give you the search volume of keywords.

UberSuggest – Free

A very straght forward simple tool to give you the volume of keyword search, their difficulty level and much more.

KWFinder – Freemium

A great keyword research tool that show you the search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP analysis, competitor analysis and many other features.

Jaaxy – Paid 

A keyword research tool that is great for generating for long tail keywords. It is also one of the few keyword research tools that have QSR feature which tells you the total number of websites that are also ranking for a particular keyword.

Answertherepublic – Free

This is a unique keyword research tool that when given a keyword, it extracts hundreds of long tail keywords from search engines and presents it in a visual infographic for easy comprehension. The extracted keyword are categorized in these formats: questions, prepositions, alphabetical, related and comparisons

Semrush- Freemium

This is a versatile SEO tool with an inbuilt keyword research tool you can use for free. 

It shows you the search volume, keyword difficulty, keyword variations, SERP analysis and many other parameters. 

KeywordTool – Freemium

This keyword tool is perfect for generating long tail keywords but it doesn’t reveal the search volume unless you upgrade to its pro version. 

BuzzSumo – 14 day Trial

This is a content research tool that shows you the most popular and high performing content in your industry. You can use it to get insight on the kind of content that moves your target audience. 

Wordtracker – Freemium

The free version only gives you five keywords results for your keyword search. 

Wordstream – Free

This is a free keyword too that gives you keyword suggestions based on your website, industry and location. If you have a new website and don’t know which keywords are best suited for your site, then you can try wordstream.

Secockpit – Paid 

Prides itself as an advanced keyword research tool for advanced SEO. It’s so feature rich that new bloggers might find it rather overwhelming. 

Ahrefs Keyword explorer tool: Paid

A premium SEO tool with inbuilt keyword explorer that generates keyword ideas, the search volume, difficulty level and many other parameters.

Proofreading and Editing

Poor editing makes a writeup undersirable to read. 

Grammarly – Free and Paid

A proofreading software that takes care of all spelling errors, punctuation and general grammatical structure.

Ginger software – Free

A free software that you can easily install to check out for grammar and spelling errors in your content. When installed, it not only works on your word processing apps but any time you type something on your PC. 

PaperRater – Free

A free online proofreading tool that offers grammar and spelling checks. You do it all online. No need to download and install any software. 

Slickwrite – Free

A free online based writing tool with inbuilt proofreading functionality that helps check for grammar and spelling errors in your content. It also analyses your content to give you key metrics such as number of words, average word length, estimated reading time, content Grade level, Passive voice index and a whole lot more.

Typely – Free

An online base content editor that checks for grammar and spelling errors.

ProWritingAid – Freemium

A software that integrates with major writing softwares like Google Docs, Microsoft Word,  Open Office,Scrivener and even Google Chrome web browser. It gives you writing suggestions as you write which you can accept or reject at the click of a button. It also offers grammar and spelling check.

1Checker – Free

This is a software for writing with proofreading functionalities. It is available for Windows and Mac users.

ProofreadingTool – Free

An online based editor with proofreading functionality. It checks for grammatical and spelling errors such as colloquialism, cliches, punctuation errors, British and American phrases and many more.

Hemingway Editor – Free

A free online base tool that analyses your content, highlights the areas that need improvement to show you sentences that are hard to read, use of passive voice etc. In general, it rates the readability of your content and gives you the grade level.

Writing Software for Writers

Google Docs – Free

A word processing software by Google that syncs with your drive so you can access your document from any device. Also has a mobile app.

Microsoft Word – Paid

A very rich Windows based word processing software. Popular among windows PC users. 

Pages – Paid

A word processing software for Mac users. It is the alternative to Microsoft Word for those with Mac PPC.

Scrivener – Paid

A word processing software that is built with writers in mind. Boasts of providing the necessary writing environment to help any writer start and finish a project. It is available on Windows and Mac.

yWriter – Free

A word processing software designed specially for novelists. It is available for Windows PC users. Not yet on MacOS.

The Novel Factory– Paid with Free Trial

A novel writing software for novelists. It has both web based and Windows versions. Both come with a 30 days Free trial so you can try to see if it works for you. 

LibreOffice – Free

A Windows based word processor. It’s a free alternative to Microsoft Word.

OpenOffice – Free

Another Windows based word processor.

Ebook Creation software – Free and Paid

While all the writing software listed under “Writing Software for Writers” can all convert to pdf and so can also be said to be an ebook creation software, this section will only face those ebook creation software that convert to other formats aside the pdf.

Ebooks come in different formats. The most popular being:

  • Pdf : Portable Document Format
  • Mobi: Mobipocket
  • Epub: ePublication
  • iBook: Apple iBooks.

Any software that can design and publish and a document into any of the 4 ebook formats is considered an ebook creation software.

They are mostly not ideal for typing and editing your manuscript.

It’s best to create your document using the software listed under “Writing Software for Writers” then import your manuscript into an ebook creation software for proper interior design and publishing.

Some of the ebook creation software are:

Kindle Create – Free

A free tool by Amazon Kindle for your book’s interior design. It has interesting interior design layouts for books of all genres. 

The software is available for Windows and Mac PC.

Adobe InDesign – Paid

This is probably the most advanced ebook creation software. It has powerful interior design features and can export your ebook as Pdf or ePub.

It comes with a monthly subscription fee.

Calibre  – Free

Not an ebook creation software but rather an ebook conversion software. It converts an ebook from one format to the other – from Pdf to ePub or Mobi.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux PC.

PressBooks – Free and Paid plans

A web based ebook creation software designed to give you a professional interior. You can download in Pdf, ePub or Mobi.

Ulysses – Paid with Free Trial

A writing software for Mac users. Has good document management built into it with fast syncing and you can export your document in various formats such as PDF, ePub, DOCX, HTML and Text.

Vellum – Paid

A premium app for Mac users used to publish your ebook. It is primarily designed for ebook publishing and comes with beautiful interior layouts.

FastPencil – Free

An online based software for creating, distributing and selling your print or eBook. It is a complete self publishing tool.

Ebook Aggregators for Self Publishing

Ebook aggregators are businesses that help authors package their manuscript into a well formatted ebook and interface between them and major ebook retailers like Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Google books etc.

Ebook aggregators take away from authors, the burden of publishing and distributing their books in major stores. 

They help authors:

  • format their book 
  • publish their book in all major ebook formats like Pdf, ePub, Mobi.
  • distribute their books in all major ebook retail stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks etc
  • Provides a universal url to authors that links to all the major stores their book is distributed to so that their visitors can easily choose a platform to buy their book from.
  • Track their sales in all the major stores and report to them the units sold in all major stores

Some of these ebook aggregators are:

Draft2Digital – Free but with commission

This is an amazing ebook aggregator that gives your ebook that beautiful professional interior. It also distributes to all major online retailers plus hundreds of ebook stores worldwide. It helps promote your ebook so that you focus more on writing than selling and tracks all units sold in all the stores. 

PublishDrive – 1 Title Free, More than 1 Title Paid

This ebook aggregator helps to convert your manuscript from docx to ePub or Mobi, distributes it to major ebook retailers, and tracks your sales. 

Smashwords – Free

A major ebook aggregator that helps you with all the tools you need to become a published author and distributes your ebooks to all major online stores. It also offers promotional tools and daily sales reporting of your ebook.

Ingramspark: Paid 

Ingramspark helps you publish your ebook to over 40,000 major stores and give you your book sales reporting. 

Lulu – Free

This is an ebook aggregator that helps you format your manuscript, convert it to ePub and help you distribute it. They are also an ebook retailer.

Ebook cover design software/ Image editing software for Self publishers and bloggers

Snappa – Freemium

A simple tool that helps you create ebook covers easily with their rich templates or from scratch. You can also design images for your blog and social media. Snappa is a complete image editing software and comes with all the tools you need to build a beautiful ebook cover or image. 

Canva – Free and Paid Plans

Canva is a popular free ebook cover maker but it doesn’t stop at that. You can also us it to design flyers, business cards, social media post and whatever image you will ever need for your business. 

Placeit – Freemium

Placeit has one of the most extensive library of mockups and designs you can think of. Not only can you design an ebook cover here but you can place your image in any of their mockups – 3d, Video, mugs, t-shirts and many more. Imagine showing your ebook cover 3d, or a video or T-shirt.

Yellow Images – Paid

A premium library of different exclusive mockups. You can create high quality ebook covers using this tool. Their quality speaks for them.

Myecovermaker – Freemium

An ebook cover maker that helps you create professional ebook covers. You can design and have your ebook in 3d using their available mockups.

Adazing – Free and Paid

An amazing ebook cover maker that designs awesome covers for you for free and can render it in 3d if you want. 

Mazepress – Paid

An ebook cover maker that helps you to create 3d covers very easily. They have lots of template you can easily adopt and modify to your taste.

DIYBookCovers – Free

This is a free tool that helps you convert your 2d image to 3d ebook cover.

Bookbrush – Free

This simple tool will help you turn your 2d ebook cover to 3d. They have some good mockups to choose from. You can also use it to create images for social media promotion.

SmartMockups – Freemium

This online software is a complete solution for creating 3d ebook covers in stunning mockups.

MockupsJar – Paid

A premium 3d ebook software with over 700 mockups for you to choose from.

GraphicSprings – Free

A simple free tool to create amazing 2d ebook covers.

Deflamel – Paid 

An ebook design software that boasts of having AI that makes it easily create your ebook in three steps.

Royalty Free Images for your Blog, Social media and Ebook

Shutterstock – Paid

This is one of the most popular site with a collection of premium royalty free stock photos.

123rf – Paid

A website with a huge database of royalty free stock photos.

Adobe Stock – Freemium

Adobe has a collection of royalty free stock photos that you can use for your graphic works.

iStockphoto – Paid

Owned by Getty Images, this website has a huge database of premium quality photos.

Unsplash – Free

This website has a huge database of high resolution stock photos for free download. 

Pixabay – Free

Pixabay has over 1.7 million collection of high resolution images for free download.

Pexels – Free

Pexels has over 1 million royalty stock photos for free download.

Freeimages – Free

This website has about 400,000 royalty free photo collections.

Freephotos – Free

A website with a collection of royalty free images. 

Stocksnap – Free

This website has collections of high quality, royalty free images.

Gratisography – Free

A website with a collection of royalty free images. 

PikWizard – Free

A website with a collection of royalty free images. 

Productivity Software for Writers 

Evernote – Free

Helps you to easily jot down an idea, download an online article you find interesting or even screenshot a web page. And you can organise and access your work from any device. Also has a mobile app and chrome extension.

Google Keep Notes – Free

Quickly jot down that idea on Google Keep Notes and it automatically syncs to your Google Docs. Ideal for Google Docs users who need to jot down ideas for a new project. Whenever you are working on Docs, you see your notes just by the side to keep you focused.

Onelook Reverse Dictionary – Free

As writers sometimes, we know what we want to say but just can’t find the words. This tool lets you type in the idea in your mind and it gives you the word for it.

Write or Die – Free

A free online tool that makes you set writing goals for yourself and forces you to achieve them. You set a word count target and time you want to achieve the word count target. If you fall behind, you get punished. If you pause for too long, it will even start deleting the ones you already typed. 

Freedom – Paid

A software that helps you block apps so you can focus on your writing.

WasteNoTime – Free

A browser extension has the functionality to block websites to cut distractions, limit your internet access for a period of time and analyse how much time you spend on websites. It’s a free alternative to freedom. Available for Chrome and Safari. 

FocalFilter – Free

Another browser extension that helps you block distracting websites.

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